Film Production

"The training video that Narrative Alchemy developed for us has cetainly had an impact, and has created ongoing conversations.!"

UK County Council Project Manager

Our team specialise in crafting compelling and impactful films that captivate audiences in both the public and private sectors.  With a blend of creativity, expertise, and attention to detail, we transform ideas into cinematic experiences that leave a lasting impression.  Whether you're aiming to inspire, educate, inform, or entertain, you can trust Narrative Alchemy to bring your vision to the screen with passion and precision.

We have a client centred and outcome driven approach, which ensures client satisfaction through collaborative creative processes and tailored solutions.  We love creating new film projects, so please do Get in Touch to discuss your specific needs.

some recent projects...

The Bigger Picture

"The Bigger Picture' is a short training film that we developed for Leicestershire County Council.  The film is used as part of a training package for individuals and agencies involved in providing Early Help to families in the county.


'Trapped' is an awareness raising short film that was commissioned by the East of England Pathfinder project (with funding from The Local Government Assocaition).  It tells the story of three young people who get caught up in Child Criminal Exploitation - how it happened, and the impact it has had on them.

all the little things

'All the `Little Things' is a short film that was commissioned by The City of London Police, for an event that they were running in association with The City of London Corporation.  The event explored the impact of micro-aggressions in the workplace, and the film was used as a stimulus and 'kick-start' for conversation.


'CountyLines' is a short training film that illustrates the narrative around the County Lines model of Child Criminal Exploitation.  The film was originally. commissioned by Cambridgeshire County Council, and is now used around the UK by schools, colleges, the NHS, and social services, as a resource to raise awareness around this complex issue.

hate hurts

'Hate Hurts' is a short film that was commissioned by  Northamptonshire based charity 'Pearls of Peace', to help raise awareness around the impact that Hate Crime can have on people.


Narrative Alchemy were commissioned by The City of London Police to create three films that told the stories of nine victims of fraud.  Based on verbatim interviews, the films details what happened to people, how they were manipulated into handing over vast sums of money, and the very real impact that fraud, in all it's forms, can have on people.

wish me luck

"Wish Me Luck' is a short training film that was developed for Rotherham Social Services.  The film is used as part of an 'exploring good practice' training session for individuals and agenicies involved in 'Child in Need' meetings.

relationship matters

'Relationship Matters' is a short film that we developed alongside the NSPCC and a group of young people in Devon, that raises awareness around Healthy Relationships.