Unacceptable examines sexism, sexual harassment and sexual violence, which, unfortunately, are an issue for every school in every community in the UK.  In order to combat these issues we need to understand and raise awareness of what they are, what creates them, and what can be done to expose, and respond to, the harmful attitudes that perpetuate harassment and gender injustice.

Friends Oli and Kalyn confront their mate Adam, who has been saying and posting some worrying things lately.  They have decided to stage an intervention and are going to explain to Adam what sexism is, the differing forms that it can take, and the impact that it can have.

The play and post-show talk lasts for 55 minutes and covers:-


What is the difference between direct, benevolent and ambivalent sexism?

What are sexist stereotypes, attitudes and behaviours

Where do these stereotypes, attitudes and behaviours come from and where can they lead?

What is the difference between direct, structural and cultural violence?

What are conscious and unconscious biases, and what is the ‘bystander’ effect?

How can you respond to and/or report these behaviours, and how can we create lasting change?

Where to go for help & advice

Suitable for:-

Schools : Year 7 upwards

Training and conference events : Police and professionals who work with young people

Unacceptable tours in combination with our Invictus project, meaning that, if booked for a whole day (up to 3 x performances), the same cast can perform a combination of either play.


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