Director Sean McGrath delivers a finely carfted piece of theatre, producing a passionately charged and varied piece, which is at times funny, poignant, sad and thought provoking.”  *****



Whether through story-telling, theatre, film, or audio drama, we are honoured to invite myths, mythologies, faerie and folk tales in from the edge – to be explored, born witness to, and conversed with.  The epic, the awesome, the humble or the lowly.  Tales that tell – or take their inspiration from – old and ancient folk traditions from around the world.  Narratives that nourish the soul, give deep learning, and connect us to ourselves, our communities, our ancestors, and to the land, the sky, the seas, the forests, the rivers, and the deep rooted trees.


Upcoming projects

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Past Projects


‘The Little Christmas Tree’

Welford Christmas Tree Farm

December 14th to December 23rd 2023

In a snow-covered forest nestled deep within the North Pole, is an enchanted forest. Each
year, the Great Tree Ceremony takes place, where the oldest and tallest tree is chosen to
become the centrepiece of Santa’s Workshop. But this year, a magical tale unfolds, as a
small, overlooked Christmas tree named Tinsel finds herself on a quest to save Christmas.

A heart-warming and enchanting 30-minute-long children’s Christmas show filled with
songs, laughter, and valuable lessons about the importance of believing in oneself. The
Little Christmas Tree will be a delightful holiday journey that will captivate the hearts of
children aged 3 to 9 and remind them of the magic that fills the season.












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