CountyLines is our innovative applied theatre play that raises awareness around the County Lines model of Child Criminal Exploitation.

Meet Dex.  He’s a nice guy.  He’ll offer you money.  He’ll offer you drugs.  He’ll be generous.  He’ll make you feel important.  He’ll make you feel part of something.  He’ll make your life exciting.  He’ll do whatever it takes to get you working for him & his mates… and when you do…

Meet Dex.  He’s a scary guy.  He’ll say you owe him money.  He’ll make you deal drugs & move packages.  He’ll blackmail you.  He’ll be violent.  He’ll make you terrified.  He’ll threaten your family.  He’ll turn your life upside down.  He’ll do whatever it takes to keep you working for him & his mates…  & he’s good at it!

The play and post-show talk last for 55 minutes and raises awareness around:-

What is CountyLines & how can it affect young people

The Grooming Process & how it can apply to County Lines

Where to go for help & advice

Suitable for:-

Schools : Year 7 upwards

Training and conference events : Police and professionals who work with young people

CountyLines tours in combination with our other projects, meaning that, if booked for a whole day (up to 3 x performances), the same cast can perform a combination of plays.


To enquire about costs or availablity for individual shows, whole days or longer tours please contact our friendly booking agents Theatre for Schools on:

0161 236 1448

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