Chelsea’s Story is our internationally renowned applied theatre play that has proven highly effective in raising awareness around the sensitive issue of Child Sexual Exploitation.

It tells the story of two students who discover the diary of a girl called Chelsea.  Chelsea was a 15-year-old girl who, having fallen out with her family & friends, met a guy called Gary.  Gary was kind, understanding, had a nice car, had his own flat, and listened to her.  Unfortunately, Gary was not all that he seemed!  Chelsea’s Story is played out and examined by the two students who, along with their teacher, attempt to understand what happened.

the play and post show talk lasts for 55 miutes and has proven highly effective at raising awareness around:-

Healthy/Unhealthy Relationships

Safe Internet Use/Sexting

The Grooming Process, CSE & the differing models that perpetrators can use

The warning signs of CSE

Avoiding victim blaming

Where to go for help & advice

Suitable for:-

Schools : Year 7 upwards

Training and conference events : Police and professionals who work with young people


Chelsea’s Story tours in combination with our Crashing project, meaning that, if booked for a whole day (up to 3 x performances), the same cast can perform a combination of either play.


To enquire about costs or availablity for individual shows, whole days or longer tours please contact our friendly booking agents Theatre for Schools on:

0161 236 1448

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